Paris + Food

Name: Shaheen Peerbai
City: Paris, France
Blog: http://purplefoodie.com
Final video here: http://purplefoodie.com/video-blood-orange-and-olive-oil-cake/

Initial Thoughts 

I've got so many thoughts in my head, but the one thing that's cetain is that my muse is going to be Paris, the city I'm currently living in and because I'm a chef there's got to be some food. 

My only food video ever is a Vine: http://vine.co/v/brjBw5V3gaj (my favourite Banh Mi shop in Paris)

Options for a possible muse:

* Markets of Paris
* Angelina (for the hot chocolate and Mont Blanc)
* Boulangeries (buying the daily bread)

Or should I do something non-food?
* The beautiful passages of Paris

Update 22/3
Markets are such a big part of my life in Paris. With two markets within walking distance from my home, I'm thinking of shooting the markets early in the morning and bringing home the fresh produce and cooking a lovely lunch with it. 

Fun, energetic and dreamy

Things in my notebook:
Camera Angles

Update 1/4
I started out wanting to do something with food and Paris and as things progressed, it turned out that my muse is the winter blood orange. Final video here: http://purplefoodie.com/video-blood-orange-and-olive-oil-cake/


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