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Hello everyone, 

Short and simple, the first 5 photos are part of my TrashhandXSkillshare project and they were taken in Paris, France, in the business district named La Défense. I think when many people imagine "Paris" they think of the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Seine River, small winding roads, baguettes and striped shirts perhaps.

But with this project, these are tones and colors I have been inspired by lately and I hope I can capture a place that puts you in this environment without leaving your chair.

I hope you enjoy!

DETAILS: All shot on Canon 60D, With Sigma 18mm-35mm f1.8 & Canon 14mm f2.8L.

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1. Enter Future City - Paris, France. 2014.

2. Untitled - Paris, France. 2014

3. The Dream Ends, Paris - France. 2014

4. Part of the Plan - Paris, France. 2014.

5. (Extra) 

Thank you for looking at my project! The rest of the photos below are taken in Paris, Arras, Amsterdam, London, & Brussels.

6. Test Pilot, - Brussels, Belgium.

7. Test Pilot 2 - Brussels, Belgium.

8. No Sleep - Arras, France.

9. First Breath of New - Paris, France.

Waiting - Arras, France.

10. Waiting 2 - Arras, France.

11. It Smells Like Urine Here - Paris France.

12. Calme - Arras, France.

13. Énergie Calme - Arras, France.

14. Dreamscape // Dream Girl - London, UK.

15. Your Creativity Here - Paris, France.

If you made all the way to the bottom, thank you a lot and I hope you enjoyed. Connect with me and let's talk.


Jared L.

Project Cosimo


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