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Paris Apartments and My Loft

The first photo is a beautiful Parisien space I found on designsponge (of course!:)

1. Needs - This looks like a dining/seating area, and fabulous for parties. Its comfortable and cozy surroundings are conduicive to conversation.  

2. Shape - I love the tall rectangle of the mirror and bookcase, and then the reflection of another bookcase in the background! The round table and amorphous (great word!:) shape of the chairs balance out the sizes well. 

3. Color - Rich earthtones with tiny pops of red, which is a nice balance to that fantastic wooden floor (hard to see in this photo, check out the link for reference). 

4. Pattern - the chevron effect of the floor (again, not visible in this pic) adds dimension

5. Texture - This space has a classical, austere feel. The candlestick holders on the wall and the chandelier look like they're made of a kind of metal and I think have a tactile function

6. Placement - The table and chairs in the corner next to the bookcase/fireplace create more space in the rest of the room to move around. I wonder if that's a working fireplace though, and if they move them somewhere else if they light a fire. 

7. Bling - Not a strong sense of bling per se, but the chairs and table have a modern look, which is a nice contrast to the classic nature in the rest of the room.  

8. Botanicals - Some plants would be nice in here!! 




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