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Paris 9ème

For over 2 years I lived in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. I came to know it quite well. I have ideas for a larger project, but for now, I'd love to give this neighborhood a visual "brand" that fits its personality. In a dream world it'd expand into a visual idenity for all 20 arrondissements. Possibly with a quintesstial image.


  1. Collect images have taken over the past couple years in the 9th. What are the details? Themes? Commonalities? What makes this neighborhood the 9th?
  2. Return to the neighborhood and photograph as many #9s as possilbe. Are there any that can be redrawn to reprent the 9th? How ornate, simple or straight forward should the number be?
  3. Curate Evernote notebook of numerical brands/idenity
  4. Sketch variations of the number 9... Explore with Nine written out. Should the word arrondissement appear? Does that stay consistent for all 20 numbers ultimately? Is there a "formula" or are they all different.
  5. Create InDesign document of awesome #9s in different fonts to use as a basis for altering numbers.
  6. Decide what possible contexts I'd like to logo.


For a bit of number inspiration I curated a Pinterest board of NUMBERS.

Collection of #9s using InDesign:

Also, Number fonts available through H&FJ.

Still quite ROUGH, but a first stab:

Latest thought: I'm wondering if there's a way that I can split the 9 (mabye diagonally) to mix a couple styles. I want to keep it clean and simple, but I want to push it further. IDEAS WELCOME!


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