Kelli McNichols

artist / teacher



Parallel Pen - Strong Lines #1

I am so glad I discovered this class. I had heard about the Pilot parallel pen but never had the chance to try it out. I found I have to make sure I don't grip the pen too tightly. It also helps to pay attention to where you rest your hand as you move the paper around to keep it from being smudged (I wore a lot of ink the first few times).

I used Strathmore 500 series marker paper and Borden & Riley #234 Paris paper. The ink worked really well on both of these. I did not notice any feathering and bleeding.  

Simple line drawing of a dragonfly to practice:


Tattoo idea #1 - perched owl


Tattoo idea #2 - flying owl


Thanks for a great class Alice, I look forward to working on class 2!


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