Parallel Fitness Studios


We just opened a personal training studio and trying to find a tag line that matches our brand and reflects our Aim to establish a community in Richmond Hill where people can achieve their greatest potential via changing their body, changing their health and hence changing their overall life.

We are highly educated personal trainers, giving each person an exercise experience based on their body and not going by the books. We focus on allowing each client's body structure to dictate which exercise would work better for them. By working with your body, you can get more results (and decrease risk of injuries)

Im going towards either "parallel" working side by side with our clients, at the same time portraying that exercise is fun being the main idea.

Fitter together

Together on the road to success

Enjoy Exercise

Accomplish more by doing less

Life is a workout

More than just a workout

Feel good and healthy

Activate your potential

You can start something great

Go for what you really want

Thanks for the feedback:)


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