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Paragraph 1. Software engineering

Software engineering is a discipline which covers different stages in order to create software programs or applications.
In fact, there are many different tools to use to get a functional application.
The process of the creation of a program it is very complicated. It is important that the engineers have a plan and strategy to allow to organize the tools chain that should be used and how it is going to be tested.

For the purpose of the creation of new technology, there are a lot of methodologies that it should be implemented like agile methodologies for managing projects and teams.

Basically, the agile methodologies can give you the effectiveness in all the implementation the applications and also can give you teams of people pretty motivated.
Due to the fact that this methodology can improve the developing of new technologies, it is important to follow all the rules not only for the project but also to innovate new ways to improve the quality life


Paragraph 2.


Create apps for computer and smart devices is more popular than a few years ago.
however, it required a suitable design, develop and quality tests. To reach it, the smart teams applied agile methods in programs. It can be a little complex but worth applies it to the projects.

Agile methods inspire the tech insider teams to be more skilful and joint effort of people. The projects produce a rapid outcome and practical use cases with raise trait.

The new apps can mend the lives of many people. Also, new tech is used in many fields, for instance, medicine, industry, maths, etc. The new trends are oriented to use apps to do many actions as buy a ticket, book a room, check the health.


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