Paradisfåglar - student project

Great introduction to Adobe Frescho – I love Kyle´s brushes but had no idea you could use them with the app!

I would never draw a bird because they feel sooo complicated but I think it was so nice to see your though process about what should align etc. I just wish I could see more of you drawing – its so nice to see how somebody else draws and uses the tools.

I decided to start with the bird and get a feel for the tools and then work on the flower. Here is my bird and the reference image:

Paradisfåglar - image 1 - student project

It was very hard to draw the white feathers, dont really know how to get them "fluffy".

Paradisfåglar - image 2 - student projectMy flower and reference image:

Paradisfåglar - image 3 - student project

Thoughts and questions:

- What format did you use for your drawing? I feel like my crosshatching was so thick and ugly compared to yours and I thought mabie i was at a too small size because i couldnt make the size of the brush much smaller then it already was...also think it might just be that i need to work on my crosshatching skills..

- When you do your outlines with the round vector brush do you usually have the setting that makes the end and beginning smaller or do you just use it without any other settings?

This class was so much fun but I want more :D

Thank you!

Emy Eriksson

Graphic designer & illustrator