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Hi everyone,

For my project I started imagining about my labour day. I am 33 week pregnant now!

Waterfall, nature and calm place to give birth.

I did some skeches using different inks and papers. I bought an Japanesse brush as well, and I started with the different textures.

I found to draw the water the most difficult one,

I used watercolour pencils and also the Japanesse brush for may project. the paper that I choose is a Cartridge paper. I found the watercolour one with too much texture for me.

I tryed 6 different materials: Flowers, water, skin, hair, fabric and the waterfall.

I found a  bit frustrating when you do a mistake or you would like to change some part of the project and you can not use the rubber.!

For my final picture I use a bit of  photoshop.

It has been a bit challenging all the process for me because I use to draw using pen and then markers but I really enjoy the experience.

Thank you Yuko for your course, I really enjoy it!


Hi again!

I tryed another version for the water  and the ground.

I used watercolor paper this time.

And them I did a bit of collage for the last version. 

Well I enjoy a lot this project! Thanks Yuko again for sharing your skills!


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