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Paradise Lost

I absolutely loved this epic poem.  "The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven" - John Milton

I chose the letter "P" of Paradise, the Garden of Eden, and part of the title of the book "Paradise lost".

In short: I am representing an apparent Paradise but with some elements that recall another place where darkness and sadness reign.

After spending long hours to create the letter (2), I started playing with some shapes and decided to replace the central rhombus with a simple circle. I intentionally left blank inside the circle to give an idea of deep space so that it would soften the letter. I've also added some leaves and flowers into the bowl of "P" to recall the "Paradise".

My initial sketches

Digital sketch:

Update 12/2 

I was thinking about keywords like "Garden" or "Mistery", so I tried another way to represent this epic book. Maybe is simpler but I like the contrast between the red roses (red the color of Evil) hidden behind the garden and the white, color of paradise purity.


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