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Para todo mal, mezcal. Y todo bien tambien.


"For everything bad, Mezcal. And everything good as well." Tequila's smoky, funky father, Mezcal is akin to a south-of-the-border Scotch and offered to guests at Oaxacan homesteads and is gaining traction in some of the stateside's savvier cocktail bars, although I usually take mine neat. And no, there is no worm in the bottle.

The inspiration I started with was the folk art lettering found on the stucco walls of cantinas all over Southern California. Blackletter is popular in Latin American art and typography, and its bold, ornate letterforms lend a celebratory permanence to the proverbial Oaxacan toast. After the initial sketching and gridding, I used a parallel pen for the letterforms that were then redrawn in Illustrator.

I added two clinking glasses and ¡Salud!, a toast to health as a response.





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