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I think this is really tough, especially if you just starting out. I like what I wrote so far, but I think it lacks of the problem solving, the authority and maybe more personality. Any suggestions?

My about text so far:

Welcome here. I am Janina Matz - an illustrator and creator from Norderstedt, the extension of Hamburg.
Most of the time you can find me scribbling or drawing on any piece of paper, exploring new drawing and painting techniques and shift many things to my watercolour. When I am not creating or watching movies, I am in my own world, filled with old, handwritten books and the heroes of tales and legends – not only existing ones, but also my own.

My dream is to make this world a little brighter, educated and safe. I want to help kids go through rough times or learn about old tales and legends. Also I want to encourage everyone to explore new things and transfer this to their own life, like I transfer a lot into my watercolour paintings. Therefore you can find all kinds of illustrations by me, not only for kids, but for everyone.


You can book me for illustrations of all kinds.
If you are interested in owning one of my illustrations you can head over to my shop or write me a message, I am also open for company requests. For a little more insight you can visit my social media.


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