Paper pop-up Space Balls

Paper pop-up Space Balls - student project

This was fun! Well, once I went back, took notes, and then followed the directions. 2 days later, I have finally completed 1 project! Woohoo! Paper pop-up Space Balls - image 1 - student projectI have had limited experience with both Illustrator and Photoshop. I once enjoyed Corel Draw, back a FEW years ago but things have changed. Can you believe, they don't make it available on little disks anymore? Huh. Paper pop-up Space Balls - image 2 - student projectBeing one that must have things in their place, I filed the planetary shapes in the appropriate folders...sorta.


When creating the shapes, I need to make sure to fill them with color and a transparent stroke. Some of the shapes have black or white outlines that detract from the effect.

Consider the placement of the paper edge(rim light) when arranging objects. It was a bit tricky to highlight the edge of the triangles.

Yeeahhh, learn to cut/slice/transform better. The saturn-like objects were a pain to make and it was a brutal butcher job at best. 

Figure out how to set preferences. When removing and pasting the offset, it would not paste in the original spot unless I used CTRL + F (paste in front.) The standard CTRL + V would shift it a bit so I would have to realign it before moving on. I think a few of these were not quite perfect and did cause some visual issues. Don't look!

I loved this class. Full stop. The instruction was clear, the repetition was so necessary, and the various examples of situations were so useful.