Paper dots

Paper dots - student project

Dots with paper and paint.

Process (made quickly, without much thinking):

  1. Take a piece of paper (A4 size in this case). Fold the paper diagonally (randomly), tear out a large half circle by hand (agains the fold), fold open. Result is a circular hole. Repeat to get three large holes.
  2. Fold paper again, lengthwise, and tear out smaller half circles. Fold open. Repeat the process across the paper.
  3. Put a colored sheet of paper underneath the white paper full of holes.
  4. Paint colored dots on the colored sheet of paper, inside the holes.
  5. Make pictures of the result (including from the leftover folded pieces of paper), play with depth, perspective, shadows,...


Paper dots - image 1 - student project

Paper dots - image 2 - student project

Image of the remaining cut out papers (folded dots):

Paper dots - image 3 - student project

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