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Nasaya Mafaridik

avid doodler and illustrator



Paper Play

First of all, I really wanna say a HUGE thanks to you for introducing me with Paper and its super cool tool (the paint roller) which now I can't stop playing with. Thought it'd be useless to do such a random squiggly doodle but turned out I enjoy it. Like, now, in the middle of a tight deadline, I'm stuck in playing around with the paint roller haha! So these are some of my doodle, let me explain them to you one by one~


I always work with pastel or muted colors so playing with neon and high saturated colors like these was really a challenge for me. And instead of just doodling random line, I wrote the lyric of the song while I made this. I played songs from The Greatest Showman playlist at that moment. Can you guess which song is this? ;)


This piece (with shocking pink as the background) has the doodle of the shape of my country (it is an archipelago) and yup, it's Indonesia! The alphabets represents the first letter of each islands.


It's just a simple doodle with overlapping neon colors but I don't know is it just me or nah, I found it very pretty and interesting!


Now off to random word doodle. I don't have a fancy word to do but one thing that I know is it's very fun to make the alphabet with just one stroke! Super super super cool. I learned so much from this practice.




aaaand bonus! Fin. (Thanks, Rich!)

(P.S.: I really wish a new premium membership tho ^^)


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