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Paper Pills

Step 1:

I have chosen "Paper Pills" from Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio. I've chosen this text because, although all of Anderson's tales center on the themes of isolation and loneliness, Dr. Reefy seems to be the loneliest. He exemplifies how someone can experience happiness but that it is only temporary before we return to our isolation.

Although the young female's story is given, I will be focusing on Dr. Reefy. I changed my perspective on this story as I began to write my screenplay and decided that this was the best way to approach it. I realized that this is a story about love and loss - so this is what I focused on. I wanted to show the blossoming of love and how Dr. Reefy copes with accepting his loss of love and happiness.

Step 2:

First Draft:

Second Draft:

Final Draft:

Step 3:

Logline: An old doctor loses his wife and must face the hardship of letting go.


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