Paper Moon product label and thank you card

Paper Moon product label and thank you card - student project

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Paper Moon product label and thank you card - image 1 - student project_

Paper Moon is a joint business venture between me and a good friend of mine. We offer custom and predesigned wedding and event stationery. We are looking into creating product lines unique to us that can be sold in retail stores as well.

Creating this mood board has been interesting. I want to create a "Thank You" label and/or notecard that we can use to send out when we mail out invitations, etc. to our clients. I'm going to ask my business partner to create one as well and we can compare. I think that will help with creating our label and formalizing our branding AND make sure we are on the same track for our new ideas going forward.

I feel this project wil help us with our packaging and shiping materials. Currently, very little is branded and much of our shipped items appear very bare bones. They doesn't reflect the sumptuous wedding or event that our clients have spent a lot of time, sweat, tears and dollars on. That in turn has made us feel like we aren't presenting our clients with a product that makes them feel like their money has been well spent.


UPDATE: 5/28/13

Paper Moon product label and thank you card - image 2 - student project

Paper Moon product label and thank you card - image 3 - student project

Here are some rough sketches. I'm leaning more towards a product label first (something to include on packs of cards, original artwork, etc), then a thank you card/label after that. SAH, thank you for your comments! I feel like you saw right in to where I wanted to go before I did! I laughed reading about your sugestions to add flourishes and naturual imagery as I had just sketched out something along those lines.

I've decided to take a lot of inspiration from our first invitation, that was actually designed by my biz partner for her wedding! I feel it really captures best everything we want to offer.

I'm also REALLY struggling with lettering. I have terrible handwriting and I keep finding myself drawn to drawing the elements and just penciling in the letters. It's very hard! But it's also why I've signed up for this class.

I feel like the largest image on the second photo is getting closest to where I would like to go layout-wise. Now I need to work on really crafting the letters. Ideally I would like to knockout the leaves and have the entire background be a rich, deep blue. I figure I'll do the knockout digitally.