Paper Interiors- Home Printing

Paper Interiors- Home Printing - student project

Paper Interiors- Home Printing - image 1 - student project
So helpful! For this particular project, I needed to optimize my files for home printing, which comes with definite constraints and limitations. I'm working on a printable set of paper interiors that combines build-able paper models and paper-doll type elements.  This class opened my eyes to how CMYK levels will translate to digital printing. 

My process begins in Procreate (RGB) and ends in Photoshop in CYMK. . The constructed set is a “before” print job and the sheet is after applying what I learned in class within  to adjust and balance CMYK levels and contrast. Those adjustments  yielded far more vibrant colors and less muddiness. so exciting! Thank you!Paper Interiors- Home Printing - image 2 - student project