Paper & Hands

Paper & Hands - student project

UPDATED: 30 MAY 2013

Name: Jessica Holdaway

Age: 24

Working as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Paper & Hands.

I have been freelance designing for about 2 years now and have felt the need to move away from the name "jessica holdaway design" and into something that can be developed and seen more as a brand. 

Paper & Hands is my idea for my freelance desing business with the hope that it will grow and change as I learn and expand more. 

The name 'Paper & Hands' was born out of a growing passion for using our hands to create. Excercising our creative thoughts through the function of our hands. Paper is the medium to which we use to document these creative ideas and excercises. I believe in using our hands to shape, bend, mold and create. 

My vision is to redo my portfolio look and feel based on what I come up with here. I will explore with fabric, wood, sewing and paper. Really excited to see what evolves and as Jon Contino says "see what my hand can come up with"

Will post as I Work.

Enjoy! And please give me your feedback!


This was small brainstorm to get my ideas flowing and to bring up key words that would be helpful in creating the feel and look I want.                                                                            

Paper & Hands - image 1 - student project

INSPIRATION        / MOOD BOARD            

Paper & Hands - image 2 - student project                                                                



Paper & Hands - image 3 - student project


Paper & Hands - image 4 - student project

Paper & Hands - image 5 - student project



Paper & Hands - image 6 - student project


Paper & Hands - image 7 - student project

Paper & Hands - image 8 - student project

More to come.... 

Jessica Holdaway
Graphic Designer