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My blog has existed in one form or another since 2007. My site is:  Paper Garden Projects

In that time what I've done has evolved from making product samples for paper crafting companies to owning and operating and on line rubber stamping supply store to my current endeavor - digital designs sold into the craft market.

The blog is a mess and I need focus.  I'm sick to death of "oh- here is another new product" posts and what's left of my audience is too.  I don't blame them at all.  I've lost my drive to create good content and I need to get it back.

My why I want to blog list is:

To sell my products by getting them in front of people and demonstrating creative, easy and fun ways to use them. To create revenue in an authentic way.

To create a sense of community around the products where I can encourage people to fit more hands on creativity into their lives.  Also to get feedback from a community on what types of products would be useful and of interest.

To provide structure to my work efforts.  Create a rhythm and pace through planning products and content around what people want and need to enhance their creative activities.

To drive my own creative endeavors - I have to make it in order to blog about it.

To eventually expand my graphic design activities beyond the paper crafting market and into other areas.


Audience 1:

  • Female, 28-40 years old
  • Stay at home Mom – may work part time, possibly working from home or would love to find a way to work from home.
  • Active in her kids school (sometimes homeschooling)
  • Active in a faith community
  • Pretty tech savvy.  Will use computer, smart phone, i-pad and various social network sites.
  • Active on Facebook and Pinterest – probably Instagram.  Likes visuals and collects them.
  • Does crafts but mainly with kids or to save memories of kids.  Also does kid-inspired projects like birthday party decorations.
  • Creates some home décor projects and holiday decorations
  • Crafting time is limited and she tends to avoid overly complex or messy projects.  Some fraction will only do digital projects.
  • More confident in experimenting and figuring things out as they go along. 
  • Interested in other crafts, gardening and cooking

Audience 2

  • Female, 55-70 years old
  • Retired, or former stay at home Mom
  • Grandchildren and pets are a large part of life
  • Not terribly tech savvy.  Tends to use computer verses other devices
  • Often on Facebook and Pinterest, but also still uses message boards and Yahoo groups.  Has more tolerance for written conversations as opposed to all visuals.
  • Got into digital through traditional paper crafting (rubber stamping and scrapbooking).  Still likes to do physical crafts (card making, knitting, and quilting).  More willing to do more complex, time consuming projects if the end product is worth it.
  • Some can be timid about new technology – like digital cutters.
  • Needs up front detailed instructions.


Michelle is a stay at home Mom to 3 kids:  Janie 3, Grace 5, and Michael 8.  She is active in her Grace and Michael’s school PTO.  She also runs the bake sale for the preschool attached to her church (Janie goes to the church preschool 3 mornings a week).    Michelle is an avid amateur photographer and loves taking pictures of her kids.  She likes to create digital scrapbooks of the pictures because she can get the pictures scrapped more quickly and does not have to clean up the mess afterward.  Every year she makes a digital calendar with the kids’ pictures to give to her Mother and Mother-in-law for Christmas. 

 Michelle still enjoys doing paper crafting and made cute alligator Valentines for the kids to take to school last year.  She also likes to make hand crafted birthday cards for her family (they rave about them so).   She has even used her scrapbooking supplies to decorate the storage containers in her home office.  Michelle loves to spend time on Pinterest pinning craft, holiday and home décor projects – even though she knows she will never do them all.  Michelle also has a small vegetable garden and last year she canned homemade strawberry jelly.


Margret is a retired school teacher with 2 grown children and 5 grandchildren.  Unfortunately, both of her children have moved out of state so she only sees her grandchildren a few times a year.  She tries to keep in touch with them through Facebook photos and phone calls but still in not too comfortable with Skype. 

Margret stumbled upon digital craft supplies through the rubber stamping forum she is very active on.  She downloaded some free digital stamps and learned how to print them and color them by following the instructions in the forum.  She then took a class on digital scrapbooking using Photoshop Elements that someone on the forum recommended.  Margret started making digital scrapbook pages of her grandkids and her beloved Boston Terrier Peanut.   

Margret has a small group of friends that get together and make greeting cards to send to the troops overseas and to the shut-ins at church.  Margret also likes to knit and gets together with a group at the local knitting shop every Wednesday afternoon.    Margret and her husband Ralph do some traveling, but mainly take trips to visit the grandkids.

Blog Style:

Informal – Sloppy = Homey

Practical – Stiff = Useful

Traditional – Rigid = Classic

Accurate – sterile = Honest

Self-deprecating – self-involved = Entertaining

(Hmmm.... not at all sure I can pull off those descriptive words....)

SMART Goals:

In 6 months’ time, double the number of daily page views on the blog.

In 6 months’ time, average 5 comments per new blog post.  (is this one realistic??)

In 6 months’ time, increase my opt in newsletter subscriptions by 50% (this one will be hard, but its something I really want to focus on).

(I also want a goal around sale conversions – but right now I have no idea how to do that.  I do know that my conversions are not great right now).

Brand Statement

(Yikes - here is my attempt at a brand statement...  I'm seems a bit self serving??)

Paper Garden Projects is a homey, honest and entertaining site focused on providing content about  combining digital and traditional crafting supplies in creative projects to creative women, dedicated Moms and serious crafters  so that we can supply the unique products needed to support and enhance their creative endeavors.

Why are we doing this?

  • To create the revenue needed to maintain the business in an authentic way that positively impacts customers.
  • To create a sense of community around the products and encourage women to fit more hands on creativity into their lives.
  • To plan and provide content and products around what people want and need to enhance their creative activities.
  • To expand our personal creative endeavors and share inspiration and discoveries with the creative community.
  • To expand the graphic design offering into other markets in order to meet additional creative needs and increase revenue.

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, we plan to: 

  • Double the current number of site page views within the next 6 months.
  • Average 5 comments per new blog post within the next 6 months.
  • Increase newsletter subscriptions by 50% in the next 6 months.
  • Increase current design revenue by 25% in the next 9 months.

Content Pillers:

  • Tutorials, how to's, new ways to use things
  • Inspiration sources (w/ external links for engagement)
  • Product news and freebies


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