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Paper Craft 101 - Make a 3D Paper Flower


Finally got my second class up and live today - here is a free link to enroll and check it out -

So I did a complete 180 lol and went from this topic below to another paper craft project! But I will be doing a tutorial for the Instagram photos next month! (if you "follow" me on Skillshare you'll be notified)

 *Class Topic:

  • Title - Create Instagram Marketing Photos for Your Art
  • Class Description -

Posting a beautiful photo for your current followers is one thing - exciting new fans to follow your gorgeous feed is another. Draw fans into your online portfolio by learning how to curate a gallery-worthy Instagram feed. You'll learn how to create engaging styled photos of your art, when + how to use props and which apps to use to plan a cohesive, on brand feed. 

I'm going to show you how I took my following from ~250 to 9000+ in 16 months all while taking occasional week-long posting breaks and wth a newborn in arms.*

Sooo for August I've decided to create another project for my paper-lovers :

NEW Class Topic:

  • Title - Paper Craft 101 - 3D Bloom
  • Class Description - 

In this class, we'll create a 3-dimensional paper bloom using simple cuts of card stock paper glued on end to form a blossoming flower. Once you've finished this class you'll be able to re-create this flower over and over, and try your own endless variations with different cuts or shapes.

You can create the basic shapes we'll be using two ways : By printing the class PDF and tracing the figures onto your paper, or you can draw your own similar shapes to duplicate as seen in the second video

When you've finished one project you can print the template as many times as you'd like and use it as a base for bigger, bolder paper crafts too. This class is a fun introduction into paper craft and you won't need anything but paper, scissors, glue and tweezers are helpful!

Class Project: 

Make a 3D paper bloom from simple shapes


Card stock or paper of your choice
A backing (white card stock, art board or white cardboard)
Tweezers (not necessary but super helpful!)


Choose three colors of card stock : one for the outer petals, one for the inner petals and one for the stamens. Use whatever color combination you'd like then cut your basic shapes using either the class PDF or following the instructions in Video 2. Finally, you'll work from the center of your bloom, gluing outward to finish your work of art!


Start your project by typing the following in your class project :

1. The color combination you chose and,

2. What type of paper you've selected after watching video 2,


3. Post a photo of of your center and first round of petals.

4. Complete your project by sharing a photo of your complete paper bloom!


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