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Papageorgiou Crest

Hi all,

I was super excited to do this project, Aaron made it seem so fun.

So essentially my family history stems from Greece. Both my grandparents worked as manual labours in the steel works as migrants in Australia. Hence the anvil being used as a reference, but I also use the anvil as a symbol for hard work and dedication.

Whislt my grandparents both were manual labours, my mother and father become strong academics. That's were the Owl comes in (and it's also a reference to the Greek God Athen, I believe its a symbol of wisdom).

I guess the owl flying with the anvil reflects the values that have been instilled from my parents. The desire for knowledge and the need for hard work and dedication to achieve success in all the facets of life.

The family moto 'Family is the only real wealth' reflects my parents rise in success financially and academically, but still maintaing our humble beginnings and strong family values. 

Visually I'm still tweaking it, and I'm a little unsure of the colour palette. I wanted it to reflect my Greek heritage, but subtly and not too over the top.

So any feedback/criticism would be greatly appreciated


12/11/14 Update

I wasn't entily happy with the anvil, so I updated it and made it less klunky


I was ifing and uming all night, I wasn't happy with my owl or anvil, so i decided to have another crack it.

I wanted to stylise it a little more.

I'm still yet to add colour to the design. 

*****UPDATED, AGAIN ******

So after more sleepless nights trying to figure out how to resolve the design I decided on one key principle, less is more. So I spent some time simplifyng my design, less detail, less colour and less complication.

I'm having second thoughts on the Greek style type....I'm wondering if I should stick to neutral typeface??

So here is where I'm at:

So yeah, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.....seriously I'm stuck and need some options.


Oh and here is the offical Papageorgiou family badge


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