Pantone magic!

I like color a lot so this led me to buy a Pantone inspired notebook which cover is orange and has blue sheets. I love that complementary colors combination and I started thinking it would be amazing if you could draw things on it and they turned orange and blue. Playing with that idea (following the tips gaven in this class and the theme "Destination") I came up with something similar but instead of magically turning any drawing to those colors, a real object would get created. The drawing is very simple and the person who draw it as well as the drawing itself is desiring to travel to the real world. The Pantone notebook gives it color and helps it come to life!

I used Instagram to film it so I did not have many options to edit, etc. Lots of room of improvement and should use more of the Stop Motion techniques taught in the course but it was a quick and fun project!

Pantone magic: https://instagram.com/p/zyA6XHgZCk/?modal=true

Noticed it might be too long.. so I made a shorter version in Vine: https://vine.co/v/O0db06MbXrw  But please do let me know which one should I use as final.

This is very exciting and always wanted to explore the Stop Motion technique. I will develop another project soon!


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