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Panta rei

Josh made me fall in love with coding and made me totally rethink about my workflow when working with vectors! Everytime I touch Illustrator I feel the urge to throw whatever I am drawing into Processing and see what kind of unexpected results I can come up with! It's getting addicting!

This is the output of my new project called "Panta rei" (everything flows):

Panta rei - a generative animation experiment by GCV

You can watch the video on Vimeo! The animation is based on two custom SVGs and some HRects, and it's been generated with HOscillator, HcolorPool, HCanvas, and HcolorField, using a "mixed technique": I have random colored some HShapes while keeping the original Illustrator version of the outlines on top of the colored version, to create multiple random colored instances and keep the style as consistent as possible to what I have originally drawn. Hope it makes sense!

Some raw rendered images exported while playing the animation in Processing:

I have also created a web version of the project based on Processing.js: unfortunately the animation looks sluggish and slow in the browser probably due to its complexity (it's rendered way better in Processing), but you can take a screenshot and use it as you personal wallpaper if you like it! And in case you don't, you can download a free wallpaper here! :-)

Thanks for watching! Keep experimenting!


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