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Jose Betancur

Veleta // Magnet



Panela Label : DECAÑA

I want to design a Label for a future project. it's a bottle label of Panela, a product of my country Colombia.

This is my first moodboard, based in Vintage elements but with a modern twist.  >>

In Case you didn't have the chance to see the mood, here's the pics.

Basic Concepts: Heritage, Classic style but not so Vintage..more like a modern twist of a Classic label.

This is the classic style that i'm looking for. And this is the modern twist. the cleaness.

After the research, the meetings with my partners and some ideas, we've came with the first sketches of our project.

We are looking for a 2 label bottle.. one for each side of the product. we think it probably look cool on a shelf :)

These are some monograms and lettering for the labels. flavor, size and other textures.

First aproaches to the script lettering... didn't like it :S.. got to work more!

We liked this monogram! Approved! :D 

the D is like a Sugarcane.. Panela is a product derivated from the sugarcane.

some updates

I believe this will be the color of the glass, and the 2tone we think the final product will have.

more updates this week!



So finally i finished my project, BUT.. my partners and I are in conversations if this is the final art.

First of all i'm very happy with the result ( even there are some missing texts in the label, but some Lorem Ipsum will fix this temporarly :D). First of all i would like to thank the teacher JON, for the videos, pdfs and information, and you guys for the feedback!

1) Decaña sketches 

The digitalization of the first sketches and typography proposals

The final result!!! :D



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