Kirsten Lambertsen

Founder, CEO



Pandora For Blogs

Business model canvas is here:

Great, undiscovered content is hard to find on the web, and everyone loves being among the first to discover a great new talent. This can be especially important to content marketers who need to share unique content, that isn't already over-exposed, with their prospects and customers.

Pandora For Blogs connects undiscovered bloggers with the readers who will love them. A reader enters the URL of a blog he likes, and PFB recommends other blogs he is liikely to enjoy. PFB does not limit itself to only the most popular or famous blogs. It strives to syndicate ALL blogs on a given topic, enabling readers to connect with new, undiscovered talent.

Additionally, readers can create and share Flipboard-style magazines of the blogs they subscribe to. These magazines can be shared and subscribed to by other PFB users.

Pandora For Blogs is a potential pivot we are considering for our existing product, Kuratur, The bmc for Kuratur is also available here:


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