Pandemic Opportunity


In the year 2020, the world is facing a drastic change brought by a pandemic crisis. A crisis that has changed how we go with our daily lives. A crisis that crashes the global economy resulting in millions of people losing their jobs. The worst part of this, a huge number of lives were lost. Adding insult to injury, nobody knows when this will end. During these unprecedented times, it's somehow noticing that most people are losing track of hours and days by just being at home, uncertain if tomorrow's situation will be better or worse.


This uncertainty though has also brought an opportunity for all of us. An opportunity to develop ourselves to achieve a private victory that will translate to public victory once all is back to "normal". We may not get this much free time again, use it wisely.


For someone who is currently staying in the company's residence that he is working for and has no wo work due to minimal to zero business since the crisis started. A common scenario would be, this person would sleep & slack as he has this much free time, spends his day scrolling for movies to watch, checking social media while from time to time taking a detour to the kitchen.


This person though begs to differ. Still tracking hours & days as he has his daily goals set for him. First on his list is to work out right after he wakes up. His day then goes on to achieve his other daily goals; learning a new language, reading 2 books with different topics & studying various online courses. Being away from home, he constantly communicates with his loved ones. This might be too much in a day for most people who choose to sleep & slack; however; this person still manages to find his leisure time with playing a video game or watching a movie in the between his daily goals.


Time management seems to be a noticeable concern for most people during this crisis that is giving us more of free time. The person that sets his daily goals and manages his time during this crisis will achieve a private victory that most people might just end up realizing when all is back to "normal" and will find themselves saying "I wish I was more productive."


Every situation presents an opportunity but not all of us want to see that, it's up to us to seize it. Your future, your call.


Keep Safe!