Pandemic Array

Pandemic Array - student project

I started off by working out my list and pulling reference. I chose items related to the pandemic because i wanted to be a little bit topical.

Pandemic Array - image 1 - student project

I think everything turned out pretty consistent in style. I had a little trouble with the skull looking geometric enough, so I changed the eyes to circles. I did end up using the pen tool on the skull, even though I was really trying not to.

I really liked the simple heart from the lesson. I borrowed it in my final.

Pandemic Array - image 2 - student projectI played around a little with the color scheme. When I found a one I liked, I got excited and moved to adding some texture. I didn't experiment extensively with the layout either. I will definitely try more variations on my next one.


Pandemic Array - image 3 - student projectOnce I got to a place where I was happy, I wanted to add a little texture so I pulled the project into photoshop and added a small amount of grain.

Not sure if I like the grain or the clean version better. I like the texture, but I'm not sure if it is quite "there" yet.

Overall this was a great class and it really inspired me to make something. I had way too much fun drawing all these and putting the final together.

I would love any critique or feedback.

PLEASE MAKE MORE CLASSES! I really enjoyed both.


Pandemic Array - image 4 - student projectPandemic Array - image 5 - student projectPandemic Array - image 6 - student project