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Panda is missing someone

Hi guys and mr Leavens,

Receintly I got a picture from my friend, who's is in china atm, of a panda. And I thought it would be really cute to do something with a panda in my illustrations! So thats where my inspiration from for this tutorial haha.

First started of sketching en how I wanted the scene to be. Then i figured out witch colors I wanted and playes some with the brush tool for the leaves like in the tutorial. But after filling up the tree I dind't really like it much so I made some diffrent form of leaves that would be a little more abstract and not so distracting from the panda. After a while I made a change again, with mountains, I added a little because the background felt really emtpy to me

After that I started withing shading and lighting. I hope it worked out well, I founf this part harder then Ithought. Maybe because I don't have any experience in how I should ''proporsion'' the shadows and the lights.

So that was kind of my process, please let me know if I might have forgot something in my illustration or if anyone has some tips, I'd really glad to hear them! Below you can see a little of the steps I took! First I posted the final piece, after that you can see how I started the process.

Mr Leavens thanks for the tutorial! I had much making this and I certainly will keep practising!







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