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Pan sets - student project

Pan sets - image 1 - student projectPan sets - image 2 - student project

I forgot to include prices but none of these are expensive. I have just a few tube watercolors that I bought used so didn’t include them. I live in Seattle, Washington in the USA and I work part time at Seattle ReCreative which is a non-profit store where you can buy used arts and crafts supplies (sometimes never used or barely used). Everything is donated and the main goal is to keep the supplies out of the landfills. I got the Angora, Koi, and Yasutomo sets there. I also like to work with color pencils, brush pens, and wax pastels. I like the Staedtler & Graphitint pencils. I have a set of Kuretake paints coming soon and will have to add those later. Locally my favorite art stores are Seattle Recreative and Artist & Craftsman supply.