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Pan American Philippines Poster

Yes yes yes, I changed my choice of poster to recreate. I figured I was a bit too ambitious with that Star Tours poster so I decided to choose this poster to recreate because... well, shoot. I just miss the Philippines so what better way than to copy a vintage Pan American Ad. 

10/11/2013 -- Alright! So I have a pretty decent start on my project. I'll admit I'm jumping around a little, but I just bought a wacom tablet that seriously makes life so much easier. Or at least life within Ai hahaha. So... here's a little side by side action of what I'm doing so far. There are some details I'm going to go back and clean up, but nonetheless, here's what I got! :D

10/14/2013 -- I've gone ahead and finished up the shapes (added the trees) and added in the small details. Pretty much all that's left is the text (and the background which I'll use a gradient for). I'm going to still use a combination of pen tool and blob brush for the header since I don't think any font can do it justice but I'll be using type tool for the footer and most likely (depending on the font I find) I'll just modify the serifs of "PAN AMERICAN" to best match what's on the original. Anyway, here's what I have so far... almost there!

10/14/2013 -- whew! thanks to no work at my job, I got to sit in my office and finish my project. I decided to just use type tool for part of the header and I didn't bother to modify the serifs for the footer. I just changed it up haha. yes, i'm lazy. So.... here it is: finished product!


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