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Pamplona giants

February 2nd.

Hello, my name is Daniela.

I would like to make A PICTURE BOOK but in an application for a tablet.

I think the way to do it is the same as for a written one, so this is why I am taking the class. (then I will illustrate them)

Well I am from Argentina, but now I live in Spain near Pamplona, so the idea for my picture book is to write a book about the Pamplona's Giants.

The Pamplona giants are some old figures that exist from the 1800. look in internet "gigantes de pamplona"

In San Fermin (very famous celebration on July that longs 7 days) they walk and dance in the streets. Children loves them and follow them all the time. Nobody knows, but exist a tradition that consist on: kids give to the giants the pacifier in order to stop using a pacifier.

So I would like to write a book making up why kids give the pacifier to the giants.

I made a storyboard that I will translate it in order to receive some help....because is horrible!

1-A long time ago Pamplona's Mayor order to the best carpenter a very important assignment.

2-Tadeo (the carpenter) worked day and night. Nailed and sawed until the logs became shapes. 

3- After this he sew them some clothes and gave to each of them an spacial name (they are 4 couples, and they represent 4 continents, so the names sounds like from where they are)

4 - Now that are finished, he gives to the Mayor in return of some coins.

5- The long winter passed and noone knew anything about the giants...

6- The hot whether arrived, and everybody got dressed red and white to celebrate San Fermin.

7- It was the big day, so suddenly the giants come up in the street.

8- But what was wrong? why they are sad and can't dance? 

9- Unexpectedly something happened (a little girl gives the pacifier to the giant)

10 - As soon as the giant touches the pacifier it started to blink.

11- Many kids gaves their pacifiers to the giants...and they started dancing to the rhythm of the music.

12- From this day they keep dancing....

well this is how much I have until now, any comment or help will be welcome!



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