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Pamplona and arounds

Hello all,

My name is Daniela and I live closed to Pamplona (North Spain), I am from Argentina, so this is a view of the city from someone no native.

The big difference I see about this city and the others is that is very little, lot of history and very green around...(rains a lot).

So my first picture is the government building, it is very famous because here is the point where San Fermin starts...(the celebration where people run in front of the bulls) 


The other important point of the city is "La plaza del castillo" and the nice part of the picture is that this day where some kids dancing dressed folk.



And now a pretty house decorated with a lot of flowers prepare for the procession of the "Corpus Christi" (catholic celebration).


And now some other homes...Storks ones...

I just loved how the way they created a neighborhood in the electric masts.


And the last picture...some nature...and the human intervention


I hope you like it, because we don't have skyscraper, subway, big train is very little....



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