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Pamplona Postcard

Hello Martina and everybody,

My name is Daniela and I am from Argentina, but I live in Spain since 12 years ago.

I am an Industrial Designer, but I always loved Graphic Design so this is why I choose to took this class and really enjoyed it.

I decided to make a postcard about Pamplona because is the bigger city near where I lived. 

I did a pair of scketches ...

The bull is more related to Spain so I decided to work in the Government Building, but I needed a picture to remember a little better how is it.

So after a while I ended with this scketch, that I throw away because I really complicated a lot the drawing and lost the simplicity of the first scketch, and this is what I like it the most.

So I tried to start again and end with this one ...

Then I digitalized it...

and made 6 different colours test. 

At the end I decided that the best option is the one with the red in the back. If any of you visited Pamplona or saw something about it, is probably "San Fermin Celebration" and those days everything is RED & WHITE.

So my final POSTCARD is:

Hope you like it.

See you all next 6th july in San Fermin Celebration in front of the Government Building!




I was thinking about the postcard, and made some changes to it, in order to look the writting more important and the building kind of casual. The result:


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