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Carla Sam

Graphic Design & Illustration



Paisley repeat

STEP 3 - Image trace and Pattern options

This is my first attempt at creating 'tossed' paisely with element of '4 way' direction. Using only three of my motifs and a comlimentary palette, but not my intended colourscheme. Overall I like where it's going, but too many gaps in it - I'm going to reconfigure it and fill in dead space. Want it to look 'brimming' :D

STEP 2 - Drawing my motif designs

These are the early stages of inking my own hand drawn paisley motifs. I'll clean them up and vectorise them in Illustrator. Haven't thought about colour yet, as I've been focussing on motif ideas and detail...

STEP 1 - Inspiration ideas

I want to create beautiful paisley patterns as my 'theme'. Here's a few inspirational images found online, I'm going to hand draw some paisley motifs and play with effects in illsutrator to retain a loose 'hand crafted' feel. :D


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