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Milena Brandao

freelance graphic designer



Paisley Summer Nights Pattern Collection

My first idea was paisleys. I love them and I wanted to try and doodle my own. Then, imediately came the association with summer and the beach, I don't know why. I have done a little research on the history of paisley patterns and I have found lots of stuff, nothing related to my inspiration. Doesn't matter. The paisley bug had bitten me and it was itching. 


To be honest, I did the moodboard just because it was in the class project. I have looked into the graphics for inspiration and reference and maybe some unintentional copying happened along the way, I don't know. But I'm not used to making moodboards, it's not in my usual creative process.


As you can see, my sketches were mere references for the digital part. I just can't draw very well. But, hey, I love me some Illustrator!


After the skeleton of the piece was set, I took a very loooooong time working on the color palettes and patterns. I mean, a REALLY long time. And I made a ridiculous amount of experiments. If I was to show the whole process here, I would be posting till tomorrow. So, let's cut to the chase and show my final chosen patterns for the collection.


Naming the collection was hard. After a lot of thinking, I ended up with the most boring and descriptive of all the options. Paisley, for the first reference and Summer Night, because it summed up the whole vibe I was into.


I have a load of mockups for this collection and I even made an attempt at my first lookbook. But I'm thinking I'm gonna post it in the part 3 of Elizabeth's surface pattern classes.

It's been a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Elizabeth! You have been the facilitator of my first contact with surface pattern and I feel this will be a long love story.



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