Keely Galgano

Strategist at VCU Brandcenter



Pairing (Standard) Fonts

I'm a Senior at the University of Michigan and an aspiring advertising planner (who plans either to enter the working world or, fingers crossed, attend VCU Brandcenter after I graduate in May). 

I want to learn to code because its such a marketable skill, especially in digital strategy; so I'm hoping to build a project to add to my portfolio. 

The idea is this. You're making a flyer, a newsletter, a powerpoint presentation...really anything. But you're on a tight budget: you're stuck with the fonts that come standard to your computer (or that you can find for free online). Do you know how to pair them? Do you even know what kerning is? Do you know the difference between serif and sans-serif?

This application would take the legwork out. You'd pick your first font of choice, and the app would offer the best (or a few most suitable) pairings.

Simple as that. I hope? I actually have no idea if this would work. 

Let me know your thoughts and Happy Thanksgiving! 



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