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Painting swatches

Here's my suede painting.  I think I ruined it by going over it.  it used to look suede but now it doesn't.  any pointers?  Plus i did kind of a messy job on it but it was fun.


Katie--I made the changes.  The texture in the purple is the texture of cottonelle toilet paper that I used to soak up extra color and wetness.


\\This is my floral sandal with a jute heel. It was really fun to do.  I don't know how well everyone else will like it, so I would love your feedback!  I used the primaries but also some blue, purple, permanent rose and orange that I had.


Hi Katie--I took your advice and tried again with a lot more water and less color.  it worked but they are very light.  Maybe I should put more water with the half pans instead of more water in the palette?  Here's my go:


Hi Katie--I tried mixing more colors but they were always brown.   The bottom line of mine is colors in my shoes.



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