Painting my life with light. | Skillshare Projects

Painting my life with light. 

When I get the chance I love to hit the streets at night and do creative long exposure shots. 


I love to experiment. This is an HDR I shot on a hike the hills around Santa Barbra. But I decided to give the HDR a de saturated look. 


This is test shoot I did with a model who was stoping in my home city of portland briefly. 


I just love the texutre of the ocean. I spend way to much time shooting waves. 


I work with a log of music and music publications. This is a shot from a recent shoot with Oakland based hip hop artiest.


This is a test I shot last time I went to visited San Diego. 


More testing with a portland athletic model. 


I visited the amazing Chicano Park last time I was in San Deigo. 


I love shooting. Thats it! 


I use Instagram to post my most recent. I am a editorial and lifestyle photographer in portland Oregon. I travel around the west coast frequently for work. Street and landscape photography are enthusiastic hobbies. These are images that I have put up within the last month and a few I plan on posting in the next week. I would love any feedback. Thank You! 


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