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Coni Yovaniniz

Comic Artist / Astronomy graduate



Painting in Argentine Patagonia

I didn't know what to paint for my project at first because I live in a very crowded capital city, but then - surprise! my family and I went on a road trip to the south of Chile and Argentina for a week. It was the perfect opportunity to put this class to use, so I took a tiny Windsor & Newton watercolor kit I've had for a couple years (without much use), a water brush pen, and we set off!

The views we had on the road were gorgeous, so I decided to give it a try and paint while I was in the car. I thought it'd be impossible to paint on a moving vehicle, but the road was rather smooth so it wasn't much of a problem.


My first painting is a view of Lake Nahuel Huapi, in the south of Argentina. I started from the sky and the mountains on the very back, and then moved onto a bit of the land and the lake. 


I also painted some of the flowers that were around the road and the lake, but I had to paint those from memory. I was too dizzy when we saw them!

Painting while traveling felt like a great experience, and it feels like a more personal record than just taking photographs of the landscape. I'm thrilled to try this again in the future, even go out to wander around the city and paint some places here as well! Thanks for letting me take my watercolors again with this class :) ♥ 

PS: Here's a picture of Nahuel Huapi as a reference:



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