Painting Wood on Good Friday

Painting Wood on Good Friday - student project

I wanted to do this class since I saw it first published on Sharones Instagram. Today I found some time and it kinda felt right to do this exercise on Good Friday.
Like always I loved the exercises and it was very helpful to mix all the browns - even though some of mine look green or purple - I understood what went wrong and had no problems later on.

Painting Wood on Good Friday - image 1 - student project


For the final project I decided to paint with burnt umber and mix it with yellow ocher, magenta and ultramarine blue...the last plank came out a little bit to dark and I had to use some sepia and even black to do some of the details.

Painting Wood on Good Friday - image 2 - student project

I am really looking forward to use these techniques in other project. Thanks Sharone for this great online class.

Lenna Heide
Watercolor-lover, Crafter, Councelor