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SP Van der Merwe

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Painting With Ink: My first class

My first class has been live for almost a week, and things are looking pretty good! 43 Students! Woo!

Unfortunately my friends and family aren't really into the whole art thing, so I only managed to get a hand full of them to enroll for free. 

I have started two free enrollment campaigns, one on Twitter:


And one on Instagram:


I'm hoping that I reach 100 students by the end of the week, so I'm going to try and share an enrollment link everyday, free ones as well if people aren't enrolling as fast as they need to. I thought of maybe having a give-away of one of my paintings, but I'm not sure how to do that as my paintings are on paper and shipping them might be way more expensive than I can afford at this moment. 

I also see that people are taking their time in submitting projects to my class's project gallery. Anyone else also having this problem? 

Think I might also nudge a few more family members to join in and learn some painting skills.

If you hurry, you can enroll in my class for free using any one of these links!


Good luck to everyone!


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