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Painting Portraits with Acrylics - Step One Creating Your Sketch

See the class and enroll here: Link

Many of my friends like to help support one another but are also broke. Letting them know that there is a financial incentive for me is actually helpful since they may sign up for that reason. 


So far, most of my students are other people taking the August Challenge. It's a good thing I remembered to post about it! 


I wanted a post without the obvious "sell". So I just asked my friends 


Shared on Twitter! 


I posted an announcement on Instagram as well. 


And the instagram announcement posted automatically to my tumblr! 


I've been working on creating a unified website where people can find all the different projects I am working on: My Etsy Page, my Redbubble Store, and so forth. I've added skillshare as a menu item that takes you directly to my skillshare profile! I might change it up so that it is a page with all of my classes on a page with the referral. 


I DID IT! I Reached 25 Students! 



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