Painting Persian Buttercups (ranunculus)


These are some ranunculus I bought at the store.  I just dropped out the background because it was cluttered.

I think i will sketch them for my rough pretty close to this but I might add a couple more and more foliage.


It's really hard to see, so I tried to darken it in photoshop.  But the left is my sketch.  I did it super light since the ranunculus are so detailed.  

The paper underneath on the right is some scrap watercolor paper that I made my color pallette.  So I basically made two shades of greens for the leaves which resemeble poppy flower's leaves.  Then the centers are the bright yellow/green.  All the shades of red are for the petals. I think photoshop should make them a tad more purple...

Well I already started painting, and honestly these were a little too hard for me.  But I will post my results soon, :).


I think I overdid it in the end.  I felt like I lost all of the intricate ruffles and folds that make ranunculus so beautiful, so I added a top layer with my india and pen to detail the lines.

I definitley had fun with the project and want to follow Sandra's class again with another flower type with bigger petals.  


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