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Painting & Memory

Hello everyone,

We are marketing the original landscape paintings of John O’Grady we sell from his site

He uses memory of places he feels a strong connection with, mainly from Provence and Ireland to produce art work that conveys a mood that gives a strong sense of a place.

The landscape painted is not recognisable by its topography but by its atmosphere, its particular light and its weather conditions.

When looking at his work, you might feel the connection to the land if you have been there even though there is not one specific place and the arrangement of colour is chosen to generate the overall feel of the art work. 

John has been selling his art online for 12 months and we are now looking to improve and refine the marketing strategy and create a calendar of actions.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. 

11 Questions:

1.) What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?

Marketing is a series of actions designed to find the people most likely to feel an emotional connection with John’s paintings to show them his work.

2.) What are we allowed to touch?

Marketing touches all facets including how we show the work, how we package it, the look and content of the site and pricing. 

3.) What can we as marketers measure?

We can measure progress and engagement :

- pages of the website visited

- number of likes and engagement in social media

- Sales

- Who visits the site and from where

4.) What can we change?

We strive to constantly adjust what we do to work better. Working better means more art lovers and more sales.

Our mindset about how we reach out to visitors and customers.

5.) What promise are you going to make?

To offer a friendly, smooth, professional and confidence giving experience from the first moment a person discovers John’s art.

6.) What’s the hard part?

Building confidence and a sense of connectedness in a virtual space is difficult.

How can we best attract the visitors that are likely to like the work?

7.) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

We are following the trend of marketing art online rather than using the traditional gallery system.

8.) Where is the risk?

Creating art and appreciating art are very personal and emotional investments.

Art is best viewed in person and requires to be open emotionally.

When showing work online, that has to be taken into account. 

9.) Who is in charge?

We discuss everything though John has the final say.

10.) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

Marketing money is invested in the website. 

We are looking also at investing in physical promotional products.

11.) How should you be spending your time?

Aside from creating art which is the most important thing to do, time is spent to:

-make sure the website offers a valuable experience ;

-develop an effective system including social media to find new art lovers and nurture existing customers and collectors;   

-multiply opportunities to be found online (referencing, comments,..);

- keep abreast of social media changes and what’s happening in the art market to find out how they can impinge on us. 

We look forward to reading your feedback and suggestions.

Here are two recent paintings:

Pink Moon is on Its Way  

Morning Mist and Bog Heather II


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