Painting Architecture-Ryan

Painting Architecture-Ryan - student project

Painting Architecture-Ryan - image 1 - student projectPainting Architecture-Ryan - image 2 - student projectPainting Architecture-Ryan - image 3 - student project

Hi Everyone! I finished this course a while ago but I realized that I never posted my projects! This class was the most intimidating to me because I always felt my two main weaknesses were hard surfaces and environments. The environment class helped me conquer much of that, but this course was definitely a doozy for me! Never the less I learned so much and am so glad I did it, it definitely makes architecture less scary! I couldn't save my castle on a hill so its not included here. I was the most excited about my loft concept. Looking back I think I could of painted over the photo textures more. My cyberpunk city turned into a futuristic mall parking lot. I went a little crazy with the neon, making it hard to read, but I am proud of my use of graffiti textures and color. 

I am on painting machines now. =) I just finished the pulse rife, and I could tell all the lessons from this class carried over to that one! I'm super excited about my rifle, and can't wait to start my steampunk car. =) 

Ryan Grady
2D/3D Artist & Illustrator