Painterly Pumpkin [Teacher Sample Project]

Painterly Pumpkin [Teacher Sample Project] - student project

Hello All,

For my mini assignment, I decided to paint an illustration of a pumpkin. Please see my process below.

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I painted this pumpkin a few times, using Photoshop, Adobe Sketch app, and Procreate app. Here, you'll see side-by-side comparisons of each outcome. (But you can paint it just once and upload that—although, practicing more than once is wonderful for building your skills & abilities as well!)


  1. I started with a Google search for reference images, then I created a simple sketch of a pumpkin.
  2. Initially, I took a photo of my sketch and inserted into my Adobe Sketch app, on my iPad Pro. Then I played with color and created a loose, watercolor-styled digital painting.
  3. I took my Adobe Sketch app painting into Procreate for additional details & fun!


  1. For my Photoshop painting, I scanned in the same simple drawing I used for my iPad painting.
  2. I used the same color palette from before, and painted from light to dark—adding highlights and shadows along the way to increase the shape definition.
  3. I added a few swirls as my detail elements and created a slight, grainy background.

Painterly Pumpkin [Teacher Sample Project] - image 1 - student project

Jasmine Lové
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