Painterly Mandela

Painterly Mandela - student project

Painterly Mandela - image 1 - student projectPainterly Mandela - image 2 - student projectMy first onePainterly Mandela - image 3 - student projectThis is the same one after using a gradient map on it. Sort of looks like it is done on wood. I’ll have to explore gradient maps a bit morePainterly Mandela - image 4 - student projectThis one is a combination of version 1 and 2 with a layer mask appliedPainterly Mandela - image 5 - student projectHere is the layer mask I used. I first created it in its own layer then copied it to the mask layer then hid this one. I used a texture brush to create the original black white and grey areas then played with the liquify tool to get the final effect. Made for an interesting mix of the two versions.