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Samantha Lane




Painted Type

Thanks for this class, Jeff. I love painting with acrylic so I was very happy to get the paints out. All the references you provide will be very helpful as I pursue this further.

For now I wanted to be able to finish the project within the weekend so I used Google to help me find some old signs (though I should have used the internet references provided). There seems to be a distinct lack of old signage in my neighbourhood. Here are the examples I downloaded. I could have spent hours trawling examples but I decided for the sake of time I would choose the first three that made an impression on me. It occurs to me that only one example is physically dimensional, and not a great example at that. So next time I'd look for better examples. 




For the canvas I used a piece of chipboard that came with some drawing paper. I couldn't think of a word and again didn't want to take ages deciding so for this first project I decided to use my shortened name. I also wanted to try more than one style of letter so for right or wrong I ended up doing each letter separately.

After drawing the letters by hand on drawing paper I used tracing paper to copy the shape and transfer it to the chipboard. 









So I decided at this point that this project was done. In the next project I will try to be less precise with the application of colour (always a problem for me) because not enough of the layers came through. I'll try to add some shadow, too, which I started to do inside the S but forgot to do outside the letters! And finally, I'll mix my colours more - so they come out looking less primary! I could make all these changes now but will feel more enthusiastic about trying them again on a new piece. 

This was a fun class and I can't wait to try more lettering. 


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