Painted Oranges Pattern

Painted Oranges Pattern - student project

I went straight to the watercolors on this one - 

I think I have some learning to do with spacing things to make them look less square, but picked up some great photoshop tips and got the cleanest watercolor import I've ever gotten! 


Painted Oranges Pattern - image 1 - student project


Maybe I got a little carried away on the painting bit. I used a Rebel T3i camera (an old DSLR) and took photos of the paintings in full sunlight. Then using that select expand trick to get crispy edges. 

Painted Oranges Pattern - image 2 - student projectPainted Oranges Pattern - image 3 - student projectPainted Oranges Pattern - image 4 - student project 


I kept all the simple elements - and then also got a bit carried away building things out in photoshop. This actually came back to get me later - I don't have much experience with patterns and I really struggled with tweaking things FOREVER 


This pattern was the first attempt - but I felt like it might be too busy, looking back now it actually seems ok :-P 

Painted Oranges Pattern - image 5 - student project 

And here is where I ended up! I gave the elements more space to breathe and tried to introduce a little more variety in the leaf shape. I feel like I definitely have some diagonal lines of oranges showing up in this pattern - I might go back and try to randomize them a little more on another day. 

Thanks Cat for an awesome class! 

Painted Oranges Pattern - image 6 - student project 

 Painted Oranges Pattern - image 7 - student project

 Painted Oranges Pattern - image 8 - student projectPainted Oranges Pattern - image 9 - student projectAnd I decided to throw it up on my Society6 store! I am a full time UI/UX designer - and don't have many opportunities to create more artistic content at work. My Society6 store is where I throw whatever I am learning - a place that makes progress just a little bit more real. Not sure if I have more goals for it past that at the moment, but we'll see!

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